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Last Updated:  October 14, 2020

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Did you know that some of the best power drills that are sold today are wireless? The only thing that must be done for them to sustain power is to charge them before use. This is usually accomplished with a dock that sold with the drill itself. Drills are always a good thing to have around. From loosening old screws to install wiring in a home, the possibilities that you can do with them are endless.

Below are ten of the best cordless drills found online. They are chosen by battery life, handling, and durability. If you’re looking for one, each of them has attributes that are beneficial to customers. Once that’s done, head over to the Buyer’s Guide to get the latest tips that’ll help you narrow down your picks. The summary showcases the top two choices that you should consider buying first. Let’s get started.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill
  • Great value
  • LED light
  • Durable
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill
  • Lightweight
  • It has a very fast charging time.
  • Durable
Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT
Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT
  • Suitable for work in narrow spaces
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • Battery indicator

Top 10 Best Cordless Drills Reviewed


  • It doesn’t weigh much and is easy for people with little experience using power tools to handle.
  • Carries about the same amount of power as a standard corded drill.
  • There is a light situated on the drill to make it easier to directly in front of it during drilling.
  • It has a very fast charging time.


  • Will lose power quickly when drilling through dense materials, such as metal.

The Black and Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver is a cordless drill that’s great for just about any situation. Maybe you’re a construction worker and need a good drill that won’t lose power after drilling three hardwood boards. Or maybe you just want something to make it easier for you to do the things you want around the house with a tool that doesn’t make things harder for you. Anyone can operate it, the drill being especially tailored to beginners and anyone that won’t need to pick up a power tool on a day-to-day basis.

The best thing about it is the weight. You can operate with one hand if you wanted, which means longer time spent drilling and less time recovering your arms and hands when making impacts in awkward positions. If you were to compare it to a standard drill that was wired, you would find that they operate at about the same amount of power. This is assuming the Black and Decker is fully charged, mind you, as power would eventually be reduced until it was charged again.

If you need something that you can drill in low-light places, look no further. The LED built into the drill illuminates enough for you to clearly see what you are doing, even in a room that’s pitch black. While you probably won’t be put in a situation where that would happen, it’s still a good attribute to know, particularly if you’re working outdoors at odd times of the day (or in overcast skies).

The drill also features a very fast charging time that you can have full again from an empty battery in less than fours. Just remember to charge it a couple of hours before your work is set to commence; you won’t have to do it overnight if you don’t want to. If you can invest in another one, it’s recommended that you buy a second battery if you can. That’s because of fast drainage. However, this is heavily dependent on what you’re drilling also.

For instance, metal and steel will suck up the power a lot more than your softwoods and sheetrock. So get an additional battery, more so if you’re working in the construction business. But overall, there’s not a lot that’s bad to say about this battery. It’ll make drilling a heck of a lot easier than corded models, and you won’t have to worry about pesky wires hanging about all over the place. Highly recommended.

2. Worx WX101L – Best Cordless Drill For Construction Workers

Worx WX101L


  • It comes with many different sized drill bits.
  • The toolbox that comes with the product has a storage tray that can be removed with its handle.
  • There’s enough space in the toolbox to fit additional items if needed.
  • The BitLocker feature prevents unwanted loosening of the drill bits.
  • It can be used with only one hand.


  • It takes a long time until the battery is full during charging.

There’s a lot for everyone to love about the Worx WX101L. One of the first things that you’ll probably notice about it in the product description is the large toolbox that comes with the drill itself. It’s big enough for you to fit in the drill, all drill bits included, and even more room.

Speaking of which, there’s a lot of drill bits here, so you’ll likely have the correct sizes that you need to carry out drilling. When you’re ready to put a drill bit into it, locking is easier than ever with the bitlocker feature.

This is tasked with keeping the bit locked in place when the tool is in motion, preventing the piece from accidentally coming out when you’re working on something. This is a common problem among drills without the feature, not exclusive to only wired products either. It’s very useful if you’re going to drill screws into ceilings or anywhere that has a vertical angle. Plus, the pressure from your hands won’t force the bit out.

While this drill won’t make you tired from using it, you may get tired in other ways, mostly from the wait time required for the battery to be full. Expect an empty battery to become fully charged after about six hours have passed.

Because of this, you might want to get another battery just to have at the ready for when one is empty. Fewer things are worse than trying to run a drill on a battery that isn’t full, which could happen if you’re drilling through very dense materials that require more power to impact. With this being said, you could still manage with the Worx WX101L with a single battery if you simply need a drill for home improvement activities.

3. Apollo Tools DT4937P – Best Cordless Drill For Home Use

Apollo Tools DT4937P


  • The good grip that’s ideal for people with sweaty hands.
  • Easy to change drill bits, which can be done with a single hand.
  • Fully charges in five hours or less.


  • Not as reliable when drilling through dense wood (or any material that’s harder).

Don’t let the color of the Apollo Tools DT4937P drill fool you into thinking that it isn’t powerful. It works well as a home and work drill at all levels, and is pink. The handling is tailored for anyone that has small hands, in which your fingers will never catch the reversal switch when it’s in operation. It’s also pretty lightweight, which is gauged at just under 4.5 pounds. It’s another one that’s suited for drilling with one hand.

It doesn’t matter which hand you use either; the grip remains comfortable to hold, even for over an hour of not putting it down. Charging time is acceptable. You should expect it the battery to be full, or close to full, in about five hours tops. Realistically, this could go by a lot faster, however. Since the battery is new, the charging time might be done closer to the three-hour mark. This is good to know, more so if you’re the impatient type or just want something that doesn’t necessitate getting an additional battery from the same company.

You may have problems when attempting to get through certain types of wood. Anything that’s harder or equal to maple, walnut, or oak will definitely reduce the power at a rapid pace. But since the average household won’t be drilling these sorts of hardwoods, this probably won’t affect your use of the product. The DT4937P is suggested for people that want a stylized drill that looks as good as it runs.

4. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill – Best Wireless Drill For Compatibility

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill


  • This model will work with nearly all batteries that are sold by the company.
  • Can drill through the densest wood without leaving splinters in holes.
  • Suitable for work in outdoor areas that are poorly lit (has an LED light on the drill).


  • No battery charger is included with the drill

The Black and Decker is a cordless drill that’s all power. You could drop it from a ten-foot height and not product dent in its frame. Plus, your hands will never get tired from the weight of the machine, as the heaviness is spread out throughout the entire drill. No matter the angle or placement of your arms, feeling fatigued will always be an afterthought. And don’t worry about getting through those hardwoods or metals.

The drill is built to withstand all just about anything that you throw at it, considering that you have the correct drill bit for the job. Impacts will be perfectly cylindrical, free of any splinters or unwanted crevices. And if you work in poor visibility, nothing will keep you from seeing the intended drilling area. There’s an LED light fixated to the drill, close to the handle. Just turn it on when you need it. Don’t worry about the battery draining faster if you do this. It won’t suck up all the power, even if you left it on for a couple of hours.

However, there are a few things that you should know about before deciding on this drill. Look at the photo of the product on its description page. There are no drill bits featured or included with this model. You’ll either have to rely on those that you have at your disposal already or buy some that will fit in the drill.

No bag or toolbox is provided either, something that’s commonly given to many drills sold both online and offline these days. And most importantly, no batteries will come with the drill when it’s shipped to you. Be sure to get batteries for the drill if you’re sold on this tool. If you already have batteries, make sure that they’re compatible with this model before you check out.


  • Weight is concentrated at the top, making it useful for drilling holes that are in a vertical position.
  • A bit shorter than many other Dewalt power drills, which is great for drilling in tightly confined areas with little room to move around.
  • It can stand in an upright position, with or without the battery attached.
  • It comes with duffel bags that are very spacey.


  • There are no good areas to store drill bits, no pockets or sleeves in the bag.

The Dewalt DCD777C2 is a 20-volt power drill with a lithium-ion battery. It’s cordless, so no wires or plus for you to worry about here. If you look closely at the photo on the product description, you’ll see that there are two batteries in one of the photos provided. Don’t be fooled, as there’s only one battery included with the drill. Regardless, don’t let that scare you off from trying out this drill. There’s a lot to like about it, and you’ll probably end up having the drill for many years to come. Here’s why.

The weight of the drill is fixed in a way that makes it suitable for drilling in positions and angles that would otherwise be very uncomfortable with another cordless or wired drill. It can also fit into many tight corners, thanks to its small dimensions. The width of the drill is about 3.8 inches across, narrow enough to drill in areas that would otherwise be better suited for a right angle drill. This is a set, so you won’t get the drill alone.

The package is sold with a battery, driver, charging dock, and carrying case. The case is designed to prevent water from seeping into the inside, securing your tools if you’re forced to store it in an outdoor location due to work. No drills bits are included here, so go out and get some if you don’t own any already. It has a lot of space in the duffel bag, more than enough to fit some additional tools inside if you wanted. Yet the bag has no places for storing drill bit that you wish to add to the set; not pockets are woven into the inside.

Make sure that the bits you do acquire have a small case of their own that you can throw in the bag. It will prevent things from getting messy on the inside (and make it safe for you to put your hands in the bag when you’re ready to take out the drill). With this in mind, most of the things that have been criticized about this product have to do with the accessories, not the drill itself. It runs fine and has good handling and speed. Check it out if you need a drill and don’t have a protective case to store it in.

6. Makita XDT14R 18V – Best Wireless Drill For Accessories

Makita XDT14R 18V


  • The pressure is reduced when the drill is turning a screw inside of the intended surface.
  • The carrying case has holes along the edges near the handle for locks.
  • It doesn’t produce a lot of noise when drilling, even during impact through the material being drilled.


  • The handle is short and anyone with large hands runs the risk of pressing the forward/reverse switch.

The Makita XDT14R is an 18-volt power drill that looks and feels high quality. There’s a lot to like about the design alone, and it will surely stand out if you’re working outdoors with the machine. A durable hardshell carrying case comes with the pack, although there are not drill bits here.

Still, the storage has space for additional accessories, so put them inside when if you already have a set at home. The drill itself adds pressure to whatever you’re drilling without you having to add weight from your own body to produce a full impact. This is important, particularly for people that are limited to what they can do with a drill.

Not everyone can operate such products without feeling fatigue in the arms, hands, and wrists. For such people, this drill is a great way to get work done without feeling pain when it’s done with. If you look closely at the carrying case, you’ll see that it has two holes on opposite ends of the box, close to the center handle.

If you won’t at a construction site and are worried about things coming up missing, this it makes it harder for anyone to open it and remove the tools you have inside. Of course, there’s no lock provided with the set, but finding one shouldn’t be too much of a burden for you. Store it in your garage or indoors, it makes no difference.

The inside will never become dirty or damaged from moisture, and it completely water-resistant. You could basically put it anywhere you wanted and the drill would look the same as it did when it was placed inside of the box. When you’re drilling with it, the XDT14R won’t make a loud racket, either.

You will hear it when it impacts the material that you’re working on, but not to the same level that you would sense with other comparable drills. You could even use it at night and not worry about disturbing your neighbors. If there’s anything that could be improved with the XDT14R, it’s the handle’s short height.

Anyone that hands large hands may end up touching the reverse and forward switch eventually; your hand will come close to it, something that people with smaller hands won’t have a problem with. You could use it, but handling may get a little uncomfortable after a while since you would spend more time looking at their placement when operating the drill. Yet don’t let this put you off of the XDT14R. There’s a lot to like here, and the advantages certainly outweigh any potential negative aspects in its design.

7. DEWALT DCD709B ATOMIC 20V – Best Wireless Drill For Ease of Carrying



  • The handle is long and feels comfortable when held by people with big hands.
  • Weight is specified as less than three pounds.
  • It can be suspended from the waist with a belt clip.


  • Drill bits won’t fit into the drill easily.

The Dewalt DCD709B ATOMIC is a 20-volt battery that is powerful and very easy to carry. With some drills, you may notice that there’s few places for you to haul around it in a way that’s comfortable and doesn’t get in the way. But with the DCD709B, the product includes a clip that you can place on your belt to make it easier to carry when you have your hands full. This way, you can always keep the drill at the ready. For this reason, the drill is suggested for people that are carrying additional tools on their person, along with the drill.

Unlike some of the products that have been reviewed this drill has excellent handling and grip. It’s not too short either, so don’t worry about the size of your hands not conforming to the dimensions or design. Hold it as long as you wish, as nothing feels out of place or too awkward to the touch when you’re in the process of drilling any material that’s in front of you. Another good thing about it is the weight. It’s not too high or too low but specified at a size that makes it great for home or work projects of all kinds. Finish drilling your doors, hardwoods, softwoods, and metals at home, taking it to your job (if necessary), and have plenty of juice left in the battery to spare.

It uses battery power very sparingly, something that may surprise you considering that the drill operates at 20 volts. But there is room for improvement in future models down the line. For one, any drill bits that you use for the device would likely be difficult to place into the drill itself. You can get them it, but to do so is similar to a standard corded drill. If you’ve used one in the past before, things will be familiar to you and may not present itself as a huge problem.

But for anyone that hasn’t used a drill as such, you may end up flipping through the manual to know exactly how to do it. If not, you may feel frustrated if you’re job requires that you use bits of various sizes in a short amount of time. On a good note, you’ll eventually get the hang of it after a while, so don’t let that keep you from trying out the DCD709B ATOMIC for yourself.


  • It doesn’t cause the hands to feel fatigued; easy to hold.
  • Has batteries that one would see on a heavier drill (they’re 5 amps) but the weight of one with less power.
  • The trigger is large and increases control; minimizes slipping.


  • The voltage is gauged at 20 but will realistically work at 18.

The Dewalt 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun Kit is a drill that has a lot of advantages for anyone that’s in need of a drill that can keep the hands from feeling tired. It’s something that will eventually happen with any drill, mind you, but hard to do with this product. Handling is excellent and will allow you to keep up a good pace of drilling without stopping for a rest. You can knock out lots of screws with this machine very quickly this way. And for that, the drill is recommended for anyone that works in a construction site or other location where drilling is a requirement for their particular job.

One of the best things about it could be a trigger, which might not seem like much but is part of the reason why you can work so fast with the device. It’s easy to slow down on change your speed on the fly here, from which its touch doesn’t feel overly sensitive. Pressing it slightly won’t drastically change the speed at all. And when this is combined with its small weight, you’re looking at a machine that’s perfect for people with little experience in drilling. If this is yourself, put it high on your list of devices to try. Take a moment to look at the specifications of the drill, you’ll notice that the power is gauged at 20 volts, just as what’s listed in the title above.

While this is true, the drill will only operate at 20 volts when the battery is completely full. This means that you’ll end up drilling at around 18 volts instead of 20, at least most of the time. But if you only use it when the battery is full, this should hardly be noticeable. In any case, there are no other bad things to say about this Dewalt product. It excels at just about everything that one would care about a drill having, will even fit into tight corners that larger drill simple couldn’t be manageable in.

9. Milwaukee 2605-22 M18 – Best Wireless Drill For Heavy Duty Work

Milwaukee 2605-22 M18


  • Powerful enough to drill through concrete and hardened mortar.
  • Long battery life, particularly when drilling 3/4 inches or smaller.
  • Lowers shaking with the anti-vibration handle in the front.


  • Has a short handle in the back, close to the trigger.

The Milwaukee 2605-22 M18 is a drill that would best be used in a construction environment. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use it around the house, but the handling and mechanics make it best for use in heavy-duty locations.

One of the worst qualities of standard drills is the way they make it hard for people to keep a steady hand when the impact is being made. but with this drill, there are two handles instead of one. This means that you will never get any of the annoying wobbling or cracks in your impact here since your hand will always be steady on the material that you’re drilling. It also makes it a worthwhile investment if you’re primary drilling material is metal or steel.

Making holes in such a scenario would be a thousand times easier than using a normal drill to do the same type of work. On top of this, the battery doesn’t drain power too quickly. If you were to run the drill nonstop on a surface that consists of metal, it would probably stay on for at least an hour without having to recharge the battery again.

You’ll get the most from the battery’s life if you’re drilling holes that are at least 3/4 inches or lower. Anything higher than this would use the battery power at the same rate at most other drills. And then there’s the anti-vibration feature.

Since you’re going to operate with two hands, vibration is all but eliminated. It will never occur here, so go ahead and drill the desert of materials that you wish, including concrete. The most important thing in this regard it to ensure that you’re using the correct bits for the job. If you are, you’ll never bring about damages to this Milwaukee product.

Although the handle in the back could be bigger, if shouldn’t be too much work for you to get adjusted. And using two hands for a drill may not suit well with some people, especially anyone that is accustomed to drilling with only one hand.

10. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT – Best Wireless Drill For Confined Spaces

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT


  • Suitable for work in narrow spaces with little room to move around.
  • It has a long-lasting battery that never runs out too quickly.
  • An indicator on the charger will show when a battery is full.


  • It might feel slippery to the hands, especially for people with sweaty palms.

The final product on the list is the Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT. It’s the smallest drill featured here, and not really in the same league as the others. Knowing this, you should avoid wholly comparing it to the products that have been reviewed already. This type of drill is called a right-angle drill, since the design is best for people that must make holes in confined spots that aren’t directly in front of them.

If you need such a device, then you’ll probably be better off with this one instead of anything else shown. The most noticeable thing about the design is how short the drill is. It also has a very large trigger that takes up most of the space in the front. You might think that this would make it easy to press it when you don’t want to, but the handling isn’t likely to be a problem.

Fit it through any narrow spaces that you have, and your hands would never tire out. It comes with a battery as well. Look further into it shows an indicator that will alert you to when it’s full. This is handy and prevents overcharging, something that could age the battery quicker over time.

Are there any improvements that could be made here? The most obvious is the handle. Parts of it are built from rubber more the majority consists of the hardened plastic that makes up the rest of the drill’s body.

This could be problematic if you’re hands get very sweaty, resulting in a slippery handle that’s difficult to get a grasp on easily. But if you’re not concerned with this and like what you see, then the Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT should suffice as a drill with the potential to be better than any other wireless tool that you’ve used recently.

Buyer’s Guide

This guide will allow you to get a better idea of which drilling tools are best for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Drill?

The most important thing that you should remember when looking for a new drill is how familiar you’ll be using it. Always keep in mind that safety comes first. If you’ve never used a drill before, its advised for you to look into online tutorials to know how they operate, and what you can do to increase your safety.

They might not seem like much, but you can hurt yourself if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. Secondly, pick a drill that’s best for your hands. Some drills are considerably larger than others and will be more difficult for you to handle in this situation. Always check the dimensions, paying special attention to whether or not the drill has enough space for you around the handle. This is oftentimes made too high or too short, no matter how large or small the drill itself it.

And when that’s done, be sure that you look into accessories. Maybe you already have some drill bit laying around your home. If you do, then you’ll probably be able to use them with a drill that you’re interested in buying. But if not, try to find something that included the drill bits already, more so if you wish to save time from having to shop around for extras.

Where you Use the Cordless Drill?

Where do you plan on using the drill? Most people will need a drill for either two purposes, which involves either drilling on the job or working on things around the home. For some, the drill might find use in both situations. Where do you think your drill will be used the most? Maybe you have a personal project and you need something that’s going to be easy for you to handle, but don’t necessarily care about the battery life.

In such a situation, you could get away with a lightweight drill that doesn’t have much power, but just enough for you to drill through ordinary household furniture and softwoods. Speaking of softwoods, what kind of material will you be drilling in the first place.

If you’re not sure, try to focus your search of well-rounded drills that won’t get damaged or lose power to quickly. Remember, drills are capable of being used on just about any material that you can think of, including drilling through concrete and mortar. The only thing required in this situation would be the correct drill bit.

If you have that, then you’re well on your way to drill anything that you can think of. However, many of the best bits aren’t sold with the drill itself, so you will likely have to buy it separately. They’re relatively easy to find, both close to your home or online, so grab some of the drills you like isn’t big on accessories (or doesn’t have the right things that you need to be included).

Picking a Cordless Drill for Beginners

Having already gone over many of the things that you’ll need as a beginner to using power drills, remember that you’re going into this blind. Try to find a drill that isn’t too big for you to carry around. One of the primary complaints about beginners using power tools is how heavy they feel in the hand, particularly when going about projects at home. Try drill you end up with should be light in weight, but also contain a good instruction manual for using the product.

If not, you might have to look online to find out how to use the drill itself. Beginners also have problems with switching between drill bits at a rapid pace. Thankfully, some drills (including many of those shown in the reviews) make it easier for you to do this with drill bit locking features.

This allows the drill bit to remain secure when locked into place, which might be a hard thing to ensure when working with one that doesn’t have such a feature. It’ll also make taking the bit out much simpler, with less risk involved in cutting your hands in the process.

Also, familiarize yourself on when to use the forward and reverse button that’s located on the side of the drill, The switch should be large enough for you to see but not enough that it gets in the way of your handling. If you have large hands, this might be unavoidable. People with smaller hands don’t really have this problem unless the drill they buy is very short and small.

Handling and Storage

How do you plan on storing the drill? If you’re going to keep it in a location that’s exposed to the outside, then you should certainly get a drill that has a carrying case. Carrying cases can protect the drill and any other items that you have inside from getting damaged from rain, dust, and debris.

If you don’t use one, the chances of your drill breaking or aging too rapidly become very high. Even one with a duffel bag would be better than having nothing at all. If you do want a drill that doesn’t have anything for you to put it in, make getting a carrying case your top priority.

And ensure that the case has a place for you to lock it up with a lock of some sort. If you’re a construction worker, then you know how easily tools can come up missing when you’re not looking, or you leave them in a place where many people congregate or work.

The lock is a deterrent from having your tools disappear on your and serves to keep them protected from the naturally hazardous conditions of a construction site. But even in the home, a case would suffice and allow you to keep your tools area clean and tidy. Plus, you’ll spend less time cleaning the drill than you will be working with it.

Finding the Right Accessories for Cordless Drill

Accessories are something that you can never have enough of, especially with a power drill. As previously stated, power drills come with lots of different tools for you to try out. Some of them are meant to be used for drilling through metal, wood, concrete, and even plastic.

According to the type of work that you plan on doing, learn which bits will be best for the job that you have planned. And keep in mind that even the same type of material may be called for a different drill bit.

For instance, there are certain types of wood that are better suited for bits built for hardwood and softwood materials. Most people have softwood in their homes but will require hardwood if drilling homes in home materials such as two-by-fours and basement boards.

Plywood is very soft, so just about any drill bit will fit through the material. Just ensure that whatever you’re drilling will end up tearing due to using an incorrect bit. If you do this, whatever you’re drilling would end up damaged and need to be replaced altogether.

Some drills require that the user drill in very tight corners that are hard to reach by hand. Having the appropriate drill in this instance would be of great help, and would make it much easier for you in terms of how long it takes to get the job done.

Thankfully, there are drills that are sold for this purpose alone, such as right-angled drills. But if you are going to settle on such a product, remember that you won’t be able to use such a drill for anti-vibration purposes, as the size alone would make it difficult to keep your hand steady. On an opposite note, other drills might have two handles, although they’re much larger and more suited for construction work alone.

Summary/Conclusion/Best Picks

Did you enjoy the article? If so, which of the product from the list is your favorite? There were ten of them in all, although everyone has a purpose that could be beneficial to any drilling work that you have planned.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s recommended that you read the Buyer’s Guide to make it easier for you to pick the right drill that you need. Yet there are two which are shown to be the absolute best in terms of durability and handling.

The Black and Decker LDX120C and Worx B07K6QYC1H are shown to be reliable in just about every attribute that one looks for in a drill. They’re also suitable for use in either the home or at work. But truthfully, there’s no wrong choice that you could make here, no matter if you went with any of the drills shown.

Some of them are better for duty-specific purposes, so keep this in mind before you settle on just one alone. Regardless, get ready to see how easy it can be to drill anything you need with the power tools listed.