Best Drill Press

  • Affordable; the cheapest product on the list
  • Solid build
  • Gets the job done
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quick assembly; takes about 30 minutes to construct
  • Great for professional jobs
  • Strong build

Getting a durable, workable, and high-end drill press is a necessary tool in a workman’s arsenal. These hard-core drill presses will help bustle through the demanding projects effortlessly. Therefore, you do not need to break a sweat from doing hard labor because the machine will pick up the workload.

It does not matter if you are using a drill press for hobbies or drilling metal for a company, this tool does it all! Workers in all types of industries need a variety of drill presses at their disposal to complete various jobs. These drills are the best companions when that time comes.

Hobbyists and workers alike can use one of the drill presses listed below. Each one has something uniquely beneficial to offer. Choosing the right one ahead of time will save you a lot of money in the long-run from buying faulty drills or defective items. You can avoid this ‘trial and error’ tug-of-war by buying the perfect drill press at the beginning of your shopping experience. The ones that we researched below are definitely tried and true and will prevent you from going through the ups and downs of searching through hundreds of drill presses for the right one.

Best Drill Press - Comparison Table

In this section is a detailed comparison table covering the best attributes, features, and specs of each drill. Every drill company creates models that are unique like a fingerprint. Therefore, you can compare the most important aspects to make a final decision. Some people lack the patience of reading an entire review; therefore, they prefer to use a comparison table to sum it all up. Some people also feel better evaluating a product using a chart that is easy to read instead of going through the long legwork of picking out every detail. Below you will find information about pricing, performance, volts, customer reviews, and ratings.

The List of the Best Drill Presses

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press – A Balance of Performance & Power

This drill press has a durable cast iron base in black with orange lines. The shell holds a ⅓ HP motor that produces a lot of torque for repeated drilling. The power runs on 120 volts at 600 HZ. Important measurements are clearly visible on the side of the unit. The machine has five speeds that it operates, which includes 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM. A ½ inch keyed chuck is in the storage area for safekeeping. It can fit into chunks that are ½ inch in diameter. An adjustable gauge will let you know how far in-depth the spindle has reached into the material you are drilling, so you can apply the lock-and-stop feature for a more accurate drill. The bevel can tilt at 45 degrees for vertical jigs and the spindle reaches up to 2 inches.

Performance or Technical Issues

  • One customer reports that the chester table is not on a proper track. Adjustments are needed


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • 5 speeds
  • Sufficient power
  • Sturdy table
  • Decent tolerances
  • Great capabilities
  • Low price


  • Hard to work the handles
  • Small knobs
  • Awkward speed adjustments
  • Small table
  • Hard to change the belt position

I know how challenging it can be to get the belt in the right position. Fidgeting around with a machine like this is very annoying and sometimes unsafe. These problems might be a deal breaker for some buyers.


However, this machine also delivers a lot of power, versatility, and exquisite drilling capabilities that cannot get overlooked. Furthermore, you can buy it at an affordable price. It comes with a one-year warranty that covers defective items and broken parts. Therefore, you will stay secure with your purchase.

However, keep in mind that some parts might require modifications. Having to do this extra work might be a turn off for people who are on the clock or those with a short patience.


SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press – Delivers The Perfect Precision

This traditional drill press might not be stylish enough to fit a fashionable workspace, because of the burgundy top and black and silver base colors around the 7-⅝ inch work table. However, some people might love that color coordination. This product has 5 different speeds, ranging from 740-3140 RPM, and an adjustable depth for accurate measurements. The bevel can tilt 0-45 degrees for better work conditions. The x2 20-beam laser will pinpoint the exact area where drilling needs to happen. You cannot get alignment like this anywhere else! The depth adjustment will help with the process.

Performance or Technical Issues

  • Some parts might break over time after extensive use
  • The bevel platform might be imbalanced
  • Pulleys are made of plastic
  • Might not produce enough power for proper drilling


  • 3-year warranty
  • cSAus certification
  • Laser alignment tool
  • Sturdy
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some parts are made with a weak plastic
  • Inaccurate laser point
  • Parts are easy to break
  • Need to change the speed manually
  • Adjusting the belt has limitations
  • Cheap motor; could burn out before the 3-year warranty is up
  • Broken parts and item not guaranteed under warranty
  • Pricey

This product is recommended for those who are into hardcore drilling. It can plow through big pieces with a lot of precision. I probably would have purchased this drill press for my uncle. He love to drill, but he’s also old-school. Although this unit is pricey, after analyzing the components it is actually the perfect price for what you get. There are some ticks, yes, but large jobs are no match for this beast. However, this product might not be good for those who want to use it for a long time.


Bucktool Drill Press 10 inch 5 Speed Laser Track Guided Bench – A Woodworkers Dream

This drill press has a built-in laser for pinpointing the exact spot that you should hit for more precise drilling. There is a ½ inch keyed chuck available for the chuck. The height can be adjusted with a rack gear. The unit also runs between 610 to 2800 RPM from a ⅔ HP motor. The bevel work table turns at a 45 degree angle to the left and right for better versatility. Enjoy the 7-inch swing diameter and the 10-inch spindle drive that penetrates deep into the material. Moreover, proper certifications meet the CSA standards. The manufacturer has been in the industry since 2008 with employees who have 30 years of experience.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Strong motor
  • LED light
  • Meets the CSA standards
  • One-year warranty
  • Laser point
  • Correct sized drill press
  • Great quality
  • Has a bunch of positive reviews
  • Long spindle reach


  • Pricey
  • Has a low-speed range
  • Takes too long to assemble; 1 hour tops
  • Extra tools are needed for assembly
  • Heavy motor

This product seems to be best for woodworkers. I could make some nice screw holes with this. The machine weighs heavy, but that is an industrial weight for the professionals. Although this product is pricey, it is not as pricey as some of the others in this list. There are a few quirks that seem to be a deal breaker, but they are simple and should get overlooked. With only a few negative reviews online and a bunch of positive ones everywhere, this product should definitely stay on your buying list.


Klutch 13in. Floor Mount Drill Press 3/4 HP, 16-Speed – Versatility To The Max

This floor mount drill press has a 5/8 inch chuck capacity for maximum drilling. The 3 1/4 inch vertical stroke has no head swivel but does have a gooseneck and a 13-inch swing for more versatility. You can tilt the bevel at 45 degrees for getting those proper drills in. There is a bald knob that feels easy on your hands and 16 different speeds generated, ranging from 260-3410 RPM. A built-in LED light creates better visibility at the workstation and the built-in chuck key helps keep the chuck in an accurate position.

Performance or Technical Issues

  • You have to check all the screws to make sure they are tight. This includes the set screw and the LED flex shaft.


  • 16 speeds
  • LED light
  • Quick assembly; takes about 30 minutes to construct
  • Great for professional jobs
  • Strong build
  • High-quality
  • Sturdy
  • Runs quietly


  • Not enough reviews to make a proper decision
  • Pricey

This product is sturdier than the others. It has 16 speeds which create better versatility. It seems to be the best choice for professionals. Of course, you need to pay a premium price for the high-end features, which is why this unit is a bit expensive than the others. However, the quick assembly means the job gets done faster.


HICO Bench Top Drill Press – 8 Inch Adjustable Height, 5 Speed Motor, Cast Iron Table DP4113 – Smooth & Durable

This product has a nice soothing blue color that is very relaxing. Studies show that the blue actually has a calming effect when in the work environment. Productivity will increase and you might even become a bit more relaxed over time. There is a ½ key chuck available for the chuck. The ⅖ HP induction motor can run at 5 speeds that range from 760 to 3070 RPM. It is housed in a 6-½ x 6-½ cast iron shell with a solid thickness. There is a 2-inch spindle that will bury itself deep into the metal or wood piece. When you take a look at the side of the shell, there are easy-to-read letters and symbols. There is a 45-degree bevel positioned at an angle to the left and right that creates better precision drilling. A unique feature is the safety switch that prevents accidental start-ups.

Performance or Technical Issues

  • Need an Allen wrench
  • Need to buy a separate chuck key because it might not come with the unit


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Built well


  • Generates some vibration while running
  • Does not come with instructions; you need to figure out the assembly process yourself

Since this product is durable, it is safe to say that it will most likely last a long time. Remember, you get what you pay for so expect to pay a premium price. Moreover, the blue color is soothing and stylish. This is a refreshing style from boring metal and dark colors.

The product is one of the cheapest on the list, so it is a great choice for the fair price. Also, it is small and lightweight for easy transportation. Just pack it up inside the work van and take it to another location.


Eurotool Small Benchtop Drill Press | DRL-300.00 – Simple and Versatile

When you look at this machine, you can tell that it is very simple to use. Made for the benchtop, the cast iron base is painted with lime green and black. Because of the exceptional performance, expect versatility for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The speeds can reach up to 8500 RPMs. That is the highest amount of torque than all the other products on the list. The unit measures 6-¾ inches by 6-¾ inches and weighs about 13 lbs. You can definitely take it anywhere. Also, it is so small that you will save a lot of space and money, considering the saving factors.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • 1-year warranty
  • Sturdy metal construction


  • Inaccurate; does not drill on a straight track
  • Drive belt breaks easily
  • Does not generate enough power
  • Made in China; might lack quality
  • Runs too fast; difficult to control the speed
  • Small

We cannot overlook the fact that this product is very easy to use. Some people prefer simplicity over complexity. Moreover, the price is affordable so it will not break the pockets. When searching through verified reviews, you will notice that there are many people buying this product. However, it might be too small for the professionals. Also, the fast RPM might actually be a turn off since the professionals are used to slower speeds.

Furthermore, Chinese-made products are known for being cheap, so Americans tend to stray away from them.

However, the unit is covered by a 1-year warranty for broken parts and defective items so it might be worth a shot.


Ogrmar Drilling Collet Drill Press Table for Drill Workbench Repair Tool (BG-6117) – Cheap, Solid and Gets the Job Done

This drill press stands out from the rest. It comes in a nice lime green color with yellow outlines. The asking price is under $50, which is the cheapest on this list. Moreover, it weighs only 4.2 pounds. You can transport it anywhere to different work sites. I remember I would do some housework for my friends. I would always regret not bringing my own drill press. The problem was, I couldn’t bring my drill press because it was floor mounted unit. If I had the workbench drill press, I could have made the extra money quickly. This product might be great for beginners who are just learning the woodworking trade or professionals who need a backup tool in the box in case their main one stops working. The solid base has jaws that measure between 38 mm and 43 mm, and an iron bottom bracket for better stability. The 0-90 rotatable drill slant is the best I have seen so far.

Performance or Technical Issues

  • Need a hex screw to change the settings.


  • Affordable; the cheapest product on the list
  • Solid build
  • Gets the job done


  • Not enough online reviews to make a decision
  • Customers will need to tighten certain parts that might be loose

There are not enough online reviews to properly review this product, but based on the few that are out there it seems pretty good. Customers will need to tighten certain parts that might come loose. The unit has a really nice color for creating great Feng Shui in the workspace. Also, you cannot beat the price! It might be a great choice for beginners, but professionals might need to avoid getting it.

Great for just learning a trade.


Klutch 14in. Floor Mount Drill Press – 1 HP 12-Speed – A Workable Unit

This floor mounted drill has a 5/8 inch chuck capacity for the ultimate power. Also, there is a maximum drilling capacity of 1 1/4. The 3 1/4 inch vertical stroke will deliver better adjustments. A 45-degree work table can tilt in any direction for better drilling. It has a depth lock that stops the drill in a predetermined area. This unit has a bald knob handle that could be adjusted in any way. The bevel can perform a 360-degree swivel. Some accessories that come with this product include a stand, a 3mm key, and a 6mm key. The product manual is on the homepage of the manufacturer’s website. This drill press also has an LED light for better visibility while working, and built-in chuck storage for keeping the chuck key in a safe spot.

Performance or Technical Issues

  • The shaft will sometimes slip off.


  • Made of a strong cast iron


  • Not much information is available about this product
  • Reviews vary from either extremely positive (5 stars) or extremely negative (1 star)
  • The product might not come with a stand

This is a traditional drill press, but there is not much information about it. I always research everything before buying, so I probably would not get this drill press simply because of the lack of information. Furthermore, it is only available on the Amazon marketplace and the Northern Tool and Equipment website.

All of this uncertainty might deter some buyers from getting the product.


Buyer’s Guide

This is the buyer’s guide section. You should find relevant information about the drill presses here. We are going to cover some things that you need to know.

The Three Drill Press Types


A benchtop drill press is the most popular one to use. It is best for hobbyists and professionals. Everyone can learn how to handle one of these with ease. Since the machine is not strong on height, it does not cut as deep as some professionals would prefer. However, since it is mounted on a table top, the accuracy is better than other types. Keep in mind that many benchtop drill presses are preferred choices for large projects or long-term use. They will also run through quick and easy projects in an effortless manner. This is the best drill press for the beginners. It can be bolted into the workbench and has a set swing distance.

Floor mounted

Floor mounted drill presses brings the power. This is the choice for the professionals. They will most likely use this type of drill press for heavy-duty projects. On the flip side, these types cannot get transported anywhere, unlike the benchtop which is mobile. Floor mounted drill presses are bolted to the floor and cannot be moved. The positive aspect is that they have more swing distance that ranges between 14-18 inches.


Magnetic drill presses are the wave of the future. They are portable, so you can take them anywhere. Moreover, they will finish the job quickly. What makes them unique is the magnetic base that can mount on any surface. Although they generate a lot of power, the unit is lightweight and portable enough to take around to different job sites. However, the prices tend to fluctuate. Some high-end models generally cost more, but they might be on sale several months from now.

Take A Look At The Size Of The Drill Press

  • If you need a portable drill press, choose a small one.
  • If you need an immobile drill press, choose a large one.
  • If you need a drill press for professionals jobs, choose a large one.
  • If you are a beginner, choose a small one.
  • If you are working on a bench, choose a small one.
  • If you are working on the floor, choose a large one.

Always Check The Power

When I first started drilling I didn’t have anyone to teach me the craft, so I had to learn the ins and outs by myself. One major mistake I would make was choosing a drill press that was too slow for the job. Don’t be like me. Always ask yourself how much power do you need?

Look at the voltage and evaluate whether that number matches the amount generated by your home power supply. Also, you want to choose a drill press that generates just the right amount of RPM. A drill that runs too fast can be ineffective and even dangerous. Any speed between 250 and 3000 RPM is good. Some fast ones are good, but it really depends on the job. Fast ones can penetrate large chunks of wood or metal easily. Always look for the ones with ⅓ HP engines.

Check for these bonus features:

  • Laser. The Laser will point to certain areas for drilling.
  • Construction. Cast iron constructions are the best. They are rust-free and last a long time.
  • USA-Made. It is best to choose a drill press that was made in the USA. Chinese-made ones might be of low quality.
  • Strength. Look for the ones that have robust structures, high-quality parts, and perform well under pressure.
  • Warranty. A unit that comes with a warranty will protect you if you buy a defective item or if certain parts break before the warranty ends.
  • Portability. Can you take the drill press to other jobs to perform different tasks? This type of portability could make you a better workman. The benchtop drills are lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Bevel Angle. Get a drill press that has a 45-degree bevel angle to the left and right. A 90-degree angle bevel is even better.
  • Maintenance. Make sure to get an item that is easy to clean. Apply lubrication frequently for a smooth-running machine. Upkeep the drill press just like you would a car.
  • LED lights. LED lights will brighten up the workstation for extra safety measures, especially in dimmed garages or dark warehouses.
  • Accuracy. How accurate is the machine? Does it cut properly? This is why having a laser beam and LED light is very important.
  • Depth. The depth stop should be about 2 in. Look for the ones that push through the large chunks of wood and steel.
  • Customer Service. If the manufacturer has customer service available, that is a plus.

Safety Precautions

Whenever you are working with a drill press make sure to use safety equipment at all times. This means putting on thick safety glasses, full-face shields, and heavy-duty gloves. Remove the chuck key when you are operating the machine. Also, be careful of accidental start-ups. Getting a drill press with a safety button would prevent accidents from happening. Every day, there are work tools accidents that happen. Never think it won’t happen to you. Stay safe!


There are many great drill presses online at marketplaces and offline at home appliance stores. Some have limited information but others have many choices. Some drill presses are expensive with a lot of features, but others are cheaply made for simple projects.

Hopefully, we have provided enough information to make the best choice. These drill presses are for hobbyists and professionals alike.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to each of these drill presses. You have learned about them all. Hopefully, the future will bring safer ones, and maybe there will be remote control drill presses that are controllable from a computer or tablet.

Our Best Choice

Our best choice would be the WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press. It is cheap, has an LED light, and plenty of great reviews. It is also classified as Amazon’s Choice and comes in great colors. The only downfall is the need to install everything yourself. However, it offers the best value for the money. The next up would be the Drill Press 10 inch 5 Speed Laser Track Guided Bench.

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    If you’re working on an exposed seam, your drill press should be able to get you around the hole, while making as minimal noise as possible. If you’re working on the surface and the hole is extremely fine, get a super thin nozzle nozzle to get around. If the hole is fairly deep, get a long column of teeth to get all the way around. What is important is finding the type of drill press that allows you to do what you want to do.

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    Personally I prefer WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press, but if they’re the only available option, I’ll suck it up. Best case scenario you get very expensive stuff, but I prefer to save money where I can.

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