Best TIG Welder

  • Has 160 amps
  • Combo welder
  • Is super compatible
  • Dual voltage welder
  • Is a plasma cutter
  • Is easy to use
  • Has 180 amps
  • Combo welder
  • Has Advanced IGBT

With all the different types of welding out there, it can be difficult to figure out which model is the best. While DIYers and weekend warrior may prefer the ease of a MIG welder, TIG welding is what professionals use. This is because a TIG welder puts all of the control in the power of your hands.

There are still plenty of differences between the TIG welders available from how powerful they are to how well they control the charge. Then there are always the TIG combo welders which allow you to use other welding processes.

That is why we have found the 8 best TIG welders and figured out what each one does best. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide as well as a convenient comparison chart. We think the Lotos is the best for most people, but it is a flux core welder.

Best TIG Welder - Comparison Table

The 8 Top TIG Welders Reviews

Lotos LTP5000D – Editor’s Choice Best Plasma Cutter TIG Welder

Lotos is by far one of the newest companies on our list with just about a decade of experience under their belt. That said, it is important to note that Lotos also originated right around the time that a consumer tech boom occurred. As such, Lotos was able to reap the rewards of R&D that entered the public domain. Still, this company decided to take a different approach than most of the other products on our list. That is why we rated this the Editor’s Choice best flux core TIG welder.

Great Components

While the fire and sparks might impress the locals, what really defines the quality of a welder are its components. Those are what control the electricity and ultimately determine the quality of your contact. That is why Lotos blows most of the competition away by ensuring their components are top of the line with MOSFET transistors that can ensure a consistent wave. The Lotos is also able to function just as well from a low or high voltage power source and generates a 60-percent at 50 amp duty cycle. To keep everything under the hood cool, the Lotos also uses a German-engineered PAPST cooling system. That said, this is not actually a TIG welder at all–not even a combo like some of the other welders we saw.

Plasma Power

A TIG welder uses inert gas to protect the electrical jump from the contact to the weld, but it still requires a wire to feed through it. The Lotos, on the other hand, does not have that requirement, but it also does not really have that function either. Instead of being able to provide traditional weld, the Lotos welder is actually a plasma cutter. While this can still technically be used to make welds, they require a slightly different technique than TIG welders and are not nearly as convenient.

However, plasma cutters are noted for producing some of the best looking and strongest welds, so it is definitely something to consider–especially if you are an experienced welder.


  • Has 50 amps
  • Dual voltage welder
  • Is a plasma cutter
  • Is easy to use
  • PAPST cooling system
  • Has a MOSFET transistor
  • Has a 20 input
  • ½” clean cut


  • A more expensive tig welder


Amico TIG-185 – Best Portable TIG Welder

Amico is not necessarily the oldest or most prestigious company on our list, but they have made a name for themselves in the welding market. Not only do they offer a wide variety of welders for differing niches, but they are also known for providing some of the best all-in-one welding kits. This is not to suggest their accessories are always adequate, but they often provide the necessities to at least get started.

Regardless, we have singled this particular Amico welder out as the best portable TIG welder on our list.

Light as a Feather

Whenever you are looking for a portable welder, chances are you either own multiple properties or are a professional of some sort. In this instance, the last thing you want to have to do is lug around 50 pounds of equipment or more just to do a 30-minute spot welding job. Thankfully, Amico understands that not do you want a welding rig that is light enough for regular travel but, you do not want to have to worry about sacrificing power to do so.

That is why it is even more impressive that the Amico TIG-185 comes equipped with a maximum of 180 amps of power. And in case the savvier of you are wondering about the practical maximum power, this welder can run at 60-percent duty at 160 amps which is a fairly impressive duty cycle in general.

Well Protected

Another concern that is often overlooked when purchasing a portable TIG welder is how well protected the welder is. Keep in mind, this TIG welder will be hauled around, not always the most gently, and will also likely be exposed to more inclement weather more often than a TIG welder that stays in the shop. Thankfully, the Amico TIG-185 provides plenty of protections including an advanced IGBT inverter to make sure that the energy pushed remains consistent and clean. The circuitry and components of the Amico are also exceptionally high-quality with a wide variety of built-in protections to prevent both over and under shortages.


  • Has 180 amps
  • Dual voltage welder
  • Combo welder
  • A less expensive tig welder
  • Has LCD display
  • Only weighs 16 pounds
  • Has a digital display


  • 15/160 stick welding


SIMADRE POWERFUL TIG200P – Best Professional TIG Welder

SIMADRE is not the youngest company on our list, but it is fairly close having been founded in 2010. That said, SIMADRE does at least specialize in welding products which means they understand some of the nuanced issues users are liable to face. One potential concern with the company is that they do not actually have a large product lineup, but all of them are excellent welders.

In this instance, the SIMADRE TIG200P is actually our best professional TIG welder that we saw–though there are a couple others that give it a run for its money.

More Power

While the maximum power may not always, or often, be necessary, it is always nice to have just in case you do need it. If you happen to be a professional welder, then there is a good chance that these instances will crop up more often.

That is why the SIMADRE TIG200P’s maximum power of 200 amps is not only impressive, but it also ties for the most powerful welder on our list.

However, when you consider that the SIMADRE TIG200P also provides a duty cycle of 60-percent at no loss or 200 amps, this is an outright beast of a welder. That said, this is probably a welder that will not see its money’s worth unless you are a professional.

Cool as a Fan

One thing that professional welders have to do is put up with continuous use for nearly as long as the user. This means that after 7 hours of continuous use, the welder must be able to remain just as steady and strong as the first hour. With the SIMADRE TIG200P, that is legitimately an option with the ability to add a water cooling system to the welder. On top of that, the advanced IGBT circuitry ensures that the components stay cool along with the pure sine energy delivered from either a high or low voltage power source. When you also consider that the SIMADRE TIG200P can dual purpose function as both a TIG and an MMA welder, it is easy to see why we like it so much.

  • Has 200 amps
  • Its a dual voltage welder
  • Combo welder
  • Water cooling compatible
  • Has Advanced IGBT
  • Multiple welding modes
  • Multiple contact controls


  • A more expensive tig welder
  • Meant for professionals


Amico TIG-165 – Best DIY TIG Welder

As mentioned prior, Amico may not have the longevity of other companies, but they definitely take the cake in terms of market share. To that end, Amico is able to provide nearly the identical product as another that makes this list with a minor change that may not seem like a big deal but drastically affects how the welder performs.

In fact, this change leads to such an improved experience for pretty much all skill levels of welders that we rated it the best DIY TIG welder that we saw.

This is despite the fact that the Amico TIG-165 does not top the list in any “sexy” specs.

Mr. Reliable

As we have mentioned prior and will continue to stress throughout the rest of this article, the maximum power of a welder is rarely the most important factor for any job. Instead, the ability to precisely control that power to produce the most consistent contact is what matters. That is why the decrease in the Amico TIG-165’s maximum power is actually a benefit. With a maximum amperage of 160 amps and a duty cycle of 60-percent at 160 amps, the Amico TIG-165 is pretty much the easiest professional-grade welder out there.

Granted, you will still need the knowledge to set the torch at a lower amperage for different purposes, but the heavy-duty lifting has been done for you.

Everything Else Too

As if having an ideally tuned power output was not enough, Amico was nice enough to go ahead and toss in all of the other great features they provide a standard with pretty much all of their welders. For instance, the dual digital display of the Amico TIG-165 makes figuring out how to tune the torch that much easier. On top of that, the Amico TIG-165 wanted to stress the “TIG” portion of its name a bit more than some and made sure that their product is compatible with pretty much any and every basic type of electrode on the market–including many made by their manufacturers.

Finally, the inverter and high-quality circuitry is also part of the basic Amico package.


  • Has 160 amps
  • This is a dual voltage welder
  • Combo welder
  • Is super compatible
  • Has Advanced IGBT
  • Only weighs 15 pounds
  • Has a digital display



  • 110/140 stick welding


W Weldpro MIG200GDsv – Most Powerful TIG Welder

Weldpro is another somewhat recent entry in the welding market, but their parent company, Zhejiang Linlong Welding Equipment Co., has been manufacturing high-end industrial equipment for more than 2 decades. It is also worth noting that Weldpro specializes exclusively in welders and welding accessories. Moreover, the company is large and established enough to provide numerous different types of welders–a sign of market maturity.

While not necessarily the best, the W Weldpro MIG200GDsv packs the biggest push and is the most powerful TIG welder we reviewed.

Many Hats

Easily one of the best things about the W Weldpro MIG200GDsv has nothing at all to do with the power that it can deliver. Instead, the W Weldpro’s arguably most impressive feature is its sheer versatility of function. Essentially, this particular welder will allow you to do any type of welding you want except plasma cutting. Whether it is TIG, MIG, or Stick, the W Weldpro has you covered. Continuing the versatility trend, this is another TIG welder that is capable of using both high and low voltage power sources.

On top of that, this is even a bit more user-friendly–for a triple-combo welder, at least–with dual digital displays.

Up and Down

When considering the power of a welder, the maximum amps only tell half the story. The only half involves how well the welder can control that energy and that is often given in a measurement called the duty cycle.

This is where the W Weldpro MIG200GDsv can show some signs of weakness as its duty cycle is only 30-percent at 200 amps.

While you are still ultimately getting the same push with the W Weldpro, you are not getting the push for nearly as long as with pretty much every other welder reviewed. This means that your welds will take longer if you want to ensure that they are of the highest quality. However, the advanced IGBT inverter does at least ensure that the energy provided is clean, so you can always maintain a good contact.

  • Has 200 amps
  • Dual voltage welder
  • This model is a combo welder
  • Can weld aluminum
  • Has an IGBT inverter
  • Is only 30 pounds
  • Has a dual digital display


  • A more expensive tig welder
  • Low of 120 amps


Ansen TIG-205S-200 – Best All-Around Value TIG Welder

Ansen’s name may remind you of a different market-leading company, but the Chinese company has been around a little under 2 decades. The good news is that this is a company dedicated and specialized in welding machines. On top of that, the company is noted for using some of the better components to ensure a great performance. Still, the most impressive thing is that Ansen has been able to pretty much clone the top of the line welders for half the price.

That is why we rated this our best all-around value TIG welder.

Solid Construction

While the Ansen has more than enough power to blast through most workpieces, it is what is under the hood that really sets this welder apart from the pack. The advanced IGBT inverter may not be unusual, but it is nice to see as it pretty much guarantees a stable charge.

However, it is the use of German-engineered MOSFET technology that should have you excited.

This means that the Ansen should have little to no problem maintaining a good contact regardless of the power source. The fact that the Ansen can accept both high and low voltages is just icing on the cake.

Multitasking Welder

While this is nowhere near the most versatile welder we reviewed, it does still offer a bit of versatility. While you are here for the TIG, you might want to stay for the Stick as the Ansen can actually support 4.0 stick welding. It is also worth noting that the Ansen offering advanced functions does mean that it also comes with advanced controls. As such, if you are not familiar with combo welders, there is a good chance you may face a steeper learning curve than expected. At the same time, these advanced controls do allow professional welders to more precisely tune their contact.


  • Has 180 amps
  • Dual voltage welder
  • Combo welder
  • Only weighs 14 ½ pounds
  • Has Advanced IGBT
  • Multiple welding modes
  • Multiple contact controls


  • A more expensive tig welder
  • Not easy to control


AmicoPower MTS-165 – Best Combo TIG Welder

Amico makes our list once again, and by this point, we should just throw our hands up in the air and expect to find a superior product. And just as we expect, Amico once again provides a top-tier product, this time they give us the best combo TIG welder we could find–though there was less competition for that niche. Still, the Amico MTS-165 set the stage and defined the standard for what we expect from our baseline combo TIG welders in the future.

Granted, there are a number of ways that this product could be improved, but pretty much all of them involved convenience issues–problems that consumers may have but professionals would not.

Do It All

Whenever you purchase a welder, chances are you come from one of 2 camps: get the best welder you can for the particular type of welding that you are doing. This is a solid strategy as it provides you with quality equipment, but it leaves you a bit pigeonholed in terms of the kinds of jobs you can do. The other camp seeks to get a welder that can perform as many different welding tasks as possible. While this definitely increases the welder’s versatility, the machine is generally not as good at any of the individual tasks to compete with a specialized welder. Thankfully, the Amico MTS-165 is able to provide TIG, MIG, and Stick welding at incredibly competent rates.

Completely Protected

Another common issue with combo welders is that the slightly different style often requires a slightly different arrangement of circuitry. If a company cheaps out on this part, the combo welder will underperform in pretty much every situation.

Thankfully, the Amico MTS-165 ensures a steady and consistent contact with advanced IGBT circuitry.

On top of that, the various over and under protections on most Amico welders are found on this model as well. One of the biggest potential issues is that the numerous functions can make controlling the welder a bit difficult for the uninitiated.


  • Has 165 amps
  • Is a dual voltage welder
  • This one is a combo welder
  • A less expensive tig welder
  • Can weld aluminum
  • Has Advanced IGBT
  • Has a digital display


  • Weighs 48 pounds
  • Not the easiest to use


Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC – Best Budget Tig Welder

Forney is one of the most prestigious companies on our list whose eponymous founder actually invented the standard DC inverter welders that we see today. Granted, times and technology have changed much since then, but Forney is still able to provide a solid product that just so happens to be made in the USA. Still, Forney is and has always been a consumer-grade product with the first rigs literally sold door-to-door by Forney himself.

As such, it makes perfect sense that the Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC would be our best budget tig welder.

Solid Marks

Regardless of the various specs that a manufacturer may spit at you to dazzle and confuse you, Forney is all about pragmatic solutions. When they market their product to you, they are not going to do so with a whirlwind of words. Instead, they will provide real-life examples of their product’s performance and does so well here. The Forney is able to make ⅛” cuts straight through while also being able to weld ¼” wire. While those are not the most impressive numbers we saw, the fact is they are generally enough for 90 percent of all jobs.

On top of that, the Forney accomplishes these tasks flawlessly with little mess to clean up later.

Not a True TIG

It is important to note that the Forney kind of cheats our list a bit by truly being a flux core welder which means there is no gas. That said, in terms of functioning, there is not a significant difference outside of flux core being significantly better than the other types of welding in windy conditions. Another thing to keep in mind regarding the Forney is that it does not have nearly as many different powering options that some of the other welders we reviewed do.

First, this is a single voltage welder running on 120 v input requiring an AC power source.

This means that the Forney is not an inverter welder, so DC power supplies will need to be artificially inverted with a pure sine wave inverter.

  • Has 125 amps
  • Is a flux core welder
  • A less expensive tig welder
  • Can handle ¼” wire
  • Runs on AC current
  • Compatible with numerous accessories
  • Can handle ⅛” cuts


  • A single voltage welder
  • Weighs 42 pounds


Buyer’s Guide

TIG Welder Power

While the power rating is definitely important, it is not nearly as important as for many other tools in the labor industries. Instead, the ability to precisely control the power produced is far more important than the sheer maximum amount of power possible. That said, the maximum amount of power, as rated in amps, can still help provide a general idea of the cutting power of a torch.

Still, the absolute maximum power is not the only relevant power statistic as different metals and different types of welds will require different power levels. As such, a variable power control is also vastly preferred amongst professionals and enthusiasts alike. When judging the power, most traditional TIG welders will want at least 125 amps, but you would prefer 160 amps or more. Anything at the 200 amp range is gravy, though you will need to know how to control your rig when operating at max power.

Max Amps – This is not the most important factor, but it does tell you what kinds of upper limit welds and cuts that you can make. It is important to note that certain sizes of welds have general floors. For instance, ⅛” welds will generally require a welding machine that can at least produce a consistent 120 amps of power. Obviously, as the size of the welds increase, the need for more power will become more important.

Duty Cycle

This is actually the most important “spec” as it will best tell you how the welding machine is liable to perform in real life. The larger the percentage of the duty cycle, the more consistent of a charge you can maintain with the contact. On top of that, the duty cycle will also tell you how many amps of push you are actually generating. The standard duty cycle for a high-performing machine will be no lower than 60-percent. Moreover, the amperage on the duty cycle should reflect the maximum amps the machine can push.

TIG Welder Voltage

This is more of a compatibility issue, though if you get it wrong you can potentially ruin the circuit breaker, the wiring, or even the welder in the first place. Granted, there are usually enough protections in place from both the origin as well as the conclusion to prevent improper voltages from causing major problems. That said, most of the best welders offer a dual voltage system that will automatically detect the voltage from the outlet and align the electric motor to prevent this issue. It is also worth noting that even welders which require a singular voltage can be adjusted with an accessory or even a particular generator. It is also important to notice that combo welders might require different voltages depending on the function you are trying to use.

AC Control

Most welding machines run from a DC power source and include an onboard inverter to turn the single voltage power into a pure sine electrical wave. The quality of the inverter will often have a huge impact on the quality of the contact. Advanced IGBT has become the standard as well where they were once not long ago a mark of a quality machine.

While an only AC welder without a control will still be able to perform the welding function, it is unlikely to provide the best cuts or welds. Keep in mind, for rough welds on projects that are personal or not that important, the regularity of the contact can affect the quality but will mostly affect your patience. So long as you are willing to go over your welds multiple times and cleanup plenty afterward, AC control is not necessary…


In the end, the ease and cost of the Lotos welder makes up for the fact that it is not actually a TIG welder at all. Keep in mind, a plasma cutter is an entirely viable welding process and is not a step back from TIG–though it does take some of the control out of your hands. Still, with the price as low as the Lotos with the reliability provided, it is hard to beat.

For the professionals out there, we recommend the Lotos LTP5000D. First, this welder uses some of the best components that we saw which is necessary to control the duty cycle of 60-percent at 200 amps. However, when you consider the modular nature of the SIMADRE, it is easy to see how a professional could easily turn it into a do-it-all rig with little issue.

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