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What size soundbar do I need for a 55 inch TV?

The soundbar presents itself as a complete and compact home theater system, often with full surround sound features. It therefore embodies an ideal solution to rebalance the sound reproduction of your TV without investing in a more opulent and bulky system.

Soundbar With TV

Compact in priority

The strong point of this type of device is of course its small size and its minimalist design. It can therefore be integrated in front of your television, below it and you can even hang it on the wall for an absolute aesthetic result. Before fitting out, you should check the formats supported by your soundbar.

Soundbar With Big TV

Often your soundbar occupies a central place in your living room, it is better to choose an aesthetic model that blends in with the decor. For example, choose a model the same length as your TV. If it is important for you, before buying, check the dimensions in the relevant characteristics of these models.

How to choose a suitable soundbar size

The width of the soundbar does not directly correspond to the size of the screen of your TV, since the latter are measured diagonally. Below we provide a table that will help you determine the correct width of the soundbar in accordance with the diagonal of the TV screen.

Soundbar Width in InchesTV Diagonal in Inches
60From 70 Inches and more

Another important point: make sure that the height of the bar does not interfere with the infrared receiver of the TV. Otherwise you will have to point the remote control above the bar to change the program.

The soundbar will not necessarily fit the dimensions of your TV, even if they are both from the same manufacturer.