Partnerships & Publicity

While this blog has grown and spread its wings over the years, my focus and passion has remained the same. I’m thrilled by all the opportunities to share Pro Tools Adviser’s mission.
My previous kitchen remodel was featured in a five page spread in the November 2016 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, photos of my home and interviews have been featured in numerous newspapers, several national home magazines, podcasts, radio shows and other publications.
My current kitchen remodel was featured in a six page spread.

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NOTE: Pro Tools Adviser® brand is a legally registered trademark. This means that you may not use Pro Tools Adviser or any variation of that name in a way that could be confused with me or my business, such as your own decorating business or blog. I am required by law to defend my trademark, so if you are in doubt, check with an attorney or email me to ask about the use of any similar name.