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New Home

Moving Into A New House

Change the locks

If the former homeowners have been staying in the house for a long time, there are sure to be a number of key sets lying about.

The previous owners may have additional key sets and probably their children, friends, neighbors, housekeeper, handyman, contractor, real estate agent, etc. In the interests of your family’s safety, before you move into the house, you should look for best day to move into a new house.

Garage door opener

Just as there may be several keys to the front and back doors of the home, there may be additional door openings for the garage.

It is in your best interest to call a smith lock and update the security code for your garage door opener.

Call the exterminator

If the pest control was not part of your purchase agreement, you should have the property inspected for termites, rats, bees and mice before you move to your new house.

Since the house is vacant, any treatments will be easier and the chemicals will not get on your belongings.

If pests are found, you will not have to worry about your children or pets being exposed to toxic substances. If you have already had a pest check and it has registered negative, you may want to use a bug bomb just to make sure there are no unwelcome bugs, such as fleas, mites, or spiders until you move in.

Clean the house thoroughly-Prior to moving your things to the property, you will give the house a deep cleaning, which will eliminate all accumulated dust and debris from the previous owners. If possible, the best option would be to find out an auspicious date for moving.

Moving day

As the last day of moving comes, make sure you do not take anything you just throw away from your new house.

It would be easier to chuck it away instead of burdening yourself with extra boxes to pass around. Try to find out the best day of the week to move.

Check your things

If you hire a mover to transport any or more of your things, carefully inspect the items that have been transferred before signing the final job order. Check for any bent, scratched, or missing objects.

moving day

Prepare a new bedroom

We all know that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. This is where you spend your time with your loved ones, and it should be a space for both relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are five ways to prepare a new bedroom.

Purchase the furniture

The first thing you need to do is purchase new furniture for the room. Be aware of what size bed frame you want as well as what mattress to choose, fortunately there are many options available on the market. I would recommend to choose only hypoallergenic mattresses.


Once you have completed step 1, there’s more work to be done! Now it’s time to decorate the room so that it’s unique to you. You can paint the walls a color of your choosing or just leave them plain white, but be sure to add some interesting details like pictures on the wall and extra decorations. You could also take up an interest such as books or art in order to adorn your walls with things that are representative of your interests.

Hang up some curtains

Now that your room is decorated the way you want it, it’s time to take care of one more detail in order to make your room completely finished: hang up some curtains! Curtains will help keep the room dark and comfortable at night but they can also add a nice decorative element as well. You can also hang up some interesting pictures on the wall, such as a collage or framed photograph.

Take care of the floors

Next you must take care of your floors. The first step is to buy new flooring and replace it with something that better suits you. There are many different kinds of flooring available for purchase such as a dark wood floor or brightly colored tiles. You can even create your own decorative rugs for the floor if you feel so inclined.

Add some personal touches

The final thing you need to do is add some personal touches such as pictures of your family or friends, artwork created by you, and other things that make it your own. This will help your room feel more cozy and comfortable in the long run and you can easily do these things as soon as you move into a new place, even if it’s just temporarily until you find something better.

With all of these tips combined; you should be able to successfully create a perfect bedroom for yourself!